OFGS Review of Environmental Factors Carpark, Admin & Library

Please find below a proposal to build a Carpark, Administration and Library building within the Oxford Falls Grammar School site, at 1078 Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls. The proposed buildings will be located on the western side of the creek, which runs through the site in a north-westerly direction. Access to the carpark is proposed via the existing driveway crossing from Dreadnought Road.

The school is currently undertaking community and stakeholder consultation, in accordance with Part 3.3.3 of the Environmental Assessment Code of Practice for Part 5 Activities, for non-registered schools, for the construction of the proposed development.

The development has been assessed as a ‘Development Permitted without Consent’ under the State Environmental Planning Policy – Educational Establishments and Child Care Facilities 2017 (the ESEPP).

As required by the ESEPP, an environmental assessment of the proposal has been undertaken and this has found that there will be no significant environmental impacts.

Further information regarding the proposal, including architectural plans, expert environmental investigations and details of the assessment can be found in the Draft Review of Environmental Factors (REF), prepared by DM Planning Pty Ltd and supporting Appendices, available via the document links below. Feedback can be provided on the proposal by way of submissions. These must be made in writing, no less than 21 business days from the commencement of the consultation period, to:

Oxford Falls Grammar School
C/O Greg Morris
Post: 1078 Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls NSW 2100
Email: feedback@ofgs.nsw.edu.au
Phone: 1800 519 700

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) – Carpark, Library and Administration Report – List of supporting Appendices as follows:

Appendix 1 – Permissibility Legal Advice

Appendix 2 – Last Consent issued by Council DA2016/0662

Appendix 3 – Site Survey

Appendix 4 – Architectural Drawings

Appendix 5 – Landscape Plans

Appendix 6 – Preliminary Environmental Site Investigation

Appendix 7 – Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Appendix 8 – Bushfire Assessment Report

Appendix 9 – Civil Engineering Statement

Appendix 10 – Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix 11 – Biodiversity Assessment

Appendix 12 – Flood Assessment

Appendix 13 – Aboriginal Objects Due Diligence

Appendix 14 – Historical Heritage Constraints Assessment

Appendix 15 – Geotechnical Report

Appendix 16 – Construction Management Plan

Appendix 17 – Sustainability report