Years 3–6

Growing Stronger

The vision for students in Years 3–6  (Primary) is to develop and strengthen their academic skills, social abilities, spiritual awareness and personal character.

Across the Primary years we ensure a balance of personal attention with social and community interaction. Progressive use of technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum, maintaining a strong academic focus and skills development in all key learning areas.

Our Gifted and Talented Program is offered to students who operate beyond core level curriculum.  We also offer Extension Programs to assist students achieve to the best of their abilities. For more information on our Gifted and Talented and Extension Programs click here

For those who may be experiencing learning difficulties in their schooling we offer a Special Education Program that provides support and assistance.

From Year 3, students join the Outdoor Education program. By attending camps that increase their self-awareness, students also learn to expand their home/school worldview and develop ways of relating with others in a non-classroom setting.

In the Primary years, students experience a wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as participating in Performing Arts, sporting gala days, cultural days and field days which facilitate more complex social interactions and foster self-awareness.

Transitioning to Senior School

Students in Years 5 and 6 experience a period of immense growth and development physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. We understand that for many students, starting Senior School can be a difficult time as they adjust to a different structure, new friends and peers, and learn independence.

We have developed initiatives to help students as they transition into adolescence so that they can be better prepared for their Senior School years.

Building Self-confidence through Leadership

Assigning students a specific role within the School teaches them many important life skills such as serving others, teamwork, problem solving and responsibility. Every student in Year 6 has the opportunity to develop leadership skills through our Kindy and Year 6 ‘buddy’ system. Formal leadership positions in the School include School Leaders (Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects), Sports Leaders and Connect Group Leaders, IT Monitors, Bus Monitors, Library Monitors, Charity Monitors and Wet Weather Monitors.

Supporting Students through the Physical and Emotional Changes

Programs such as Interrelate help parents and children adjust to the many changes students are experiencing during this stage of their development. Our School counsellors and support staff oversee both Junior and Senior School students and are skilled in assisting students from pre-adolescence through to their upper Senior years. This is an invaluable resource for both students and parents, as children mature over the years under the consistent guidance and supervision of trained and caring staff.

Encouraging Communication and Relationships with the Senior School

Combined events such as all-girl picnics or boys’ sporting competitions encourage interaction between ages and begin fostering relationships with students from Senior School.

Extra-curricular opportunities – Music, Dance and Drama are offered from early in their Primary years and carried through into the Senior years. Performance nights such as the annual Recital Night, Year 12 Graduation Ceremony and our Dance and Drama Evenings are wonderful events that consolidate the whole-school culture and encourage connections between students across all Year groups.


Key Learning Areas


English focuses on the integration of quality literature and whole language through a traditional and structured approach. With the implementation of the new K–10 NSW English Syllabus in 2014 we are excited to move towards a more ‘Reggio Emilia’ approach and inquiry-based learning structure. There are opportunities for enrichment through  National English and Writing Competitions, and Writers' Clubs.


Mathematics combines traditional and discovery-based learning from hands-on concrete experiences to teacher-directed activities. Problem solving through working mathematically allows students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, making learning more meaningful and relevant for them. Opportunities to expand confidence in Mathematics include joining Mathematics Extension Groups and National Mathematics Competitions.

Science and Technology 

Proficiency in this area is becoming more and more relevant as society progresses further into the ever-changing world of Science and Technology. Students are empowered to weave together the strands of scientific discovery with personal investigation to enhance their thinking and design skills. They have the opportunity to test their understanding through participating in National Science and Computer Studies Competitions.

Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) 

HSIE enables students to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values, helping shape their sense of personal, community, national and global identity. Many students display their values and attitudes through involvement in local, national and international  organisations. Students enjoy testing themselves in the National Internet-based Environmental Competition.

Christian Studies 

Christian Studies provides an understanding of the basic elements of Christianity combining Biblical knowledge with a child's own personal relationship with God.

Visual Arts

From Year 3, students engage in Visual Arts classes with a specialist teacher. In these classes students learn to recognise and appreciate Indigenous and world-renowned artists and styles, and explore media such as drawing, painting, sculpture and felt-making.

French (LOTE)

French is the language of choice for students in our Junior School (Kindy to Year 6). Our specialist French teacher is passionate about sharing the culture, life and language of France. Students embrace the diversity and history of this rich culture as well as learn to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing French skills.