Kindy to Year 2

Learn Play Grow

The K–2 years are an exciting time where children enjoy fun-filled activities, establish new friendships and discover the world in which they live.

Pre-Kindy Orientation Program

Our vision to nurture each child begins long before their first day of school. Through our orientation program, children are eased into the world of education. In the year before they start Kindy, each child has the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Kindy student. They participate in music lessons, craft and story time in a real classroom setting. Our orientation day at the end of the year helps you and your little one feel ready for that big day.

‘Buddy’ System

Year 6 ‘Buddies’ meet their Kindy ‘Buddies’ the year before they start school at orientation. Year 6 students provide support and friendship in those early months of school. Throughout the year they meet regularly with their Kindy ‘Buddies’, fostering the friendships and continuing to encourage and support them through both their challenging and most exciting moments. As most of our Year 6 students continue into Year 7 at Oxford Falls Grammar School, the relationships built are often sustained for many years.



Academic Excellence

Our small classes allow teachers to give focused attention to each child, helping to gently integrate them into school life. 

Our literacy program builds a solid foundation for reading, writing and spelling (accessible from 2–3 years of age) and supports our goal that each student will read and spell on or above their chronological age. Student progress is monitored and reported regularly, through half-yearly and yearly reports as well as ongoing communication with parents.

Gifted and Talented Program

The Gifted and Talented Program offers students in Kindergarten who have been identified as gifted or academically able the opportunity to develop their talents through a diverse range of enrichment and extension classes. For students in Kindy to Year 2, withdrawal groups are conducted whereby selected students participate in one or more weekly extension programs during class time for Science, Writing, Mathematics and Creative and Critical Thinking. This enables students to work with ‘like minds’ at a level well above the core curriculum.       

Languages other than English (LOTE)

French is the language of choice for students in our Junior School (Kindy to Year 6). Our specialist French teacher is passionate about sharing the culture, life and language of France. Through songs, games and interactive mediums, Kindy to Year 2 students begin to embrace the diversity and history of this rich culture. We are looking to introduce Mandarin in the near future.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support staff provides assistance for students requiring that extra help in different aspects of their education. Through a caring and nurturing environment, each child feels safe and supported as they tackle new concepts and achieve milestones, gaining confidence and self-assurance.

Learning Resource Centre

Having recently undergone extensive refurbishment, our Learning Resource Centre offers a diverse range of books and access to technology-based learning facilities. Our Teacher Librarian is passionate about providing the best resources for both students and staff. K–2 students visit the Learning Resource Centre weekly and are thrilled with inspirational stories and books from our specialist staff.


Students have access to technology-based learning on a day-to-day basis. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is interwoven into each class. Each classroom in the Junior School is fitted with an electronic Smart Board and laptops are regularly brought to the classroom rather than the students being taken out to a dedicated ICT room. Each Year Group hosts a ‘grade space’ which allows student to locate digital media relevant to their grade at school or at home and engage in collaborative learning with their peers. The ‘grade spaces’ support face-to-face teaching that occurs in the child’s class.


Set in semi-rural surrounds, OFGS offers wonderful open areas for students to explore, discover and enjoy the outdoors.

Our Kindy students enjoy their own play and eating area. After their supervised morning tea and lunch, they can create beautiful artworks with chalk on the blackboard, delight their teachers with wonderful sounds on the chimes, and make interesting shapes on the distorted mirrors. Sand play is always a popular recreation with littlies, making the sand pit a sought-after destination for play time. 

The recently completed adventure play area has been designed to stimulate imaginative play, with natural stone, timber, soft fall and beautiful native landscaping. It is designated for our K–2 students and provides a safe and exciting environment for our littlies to play, create and imagine.


Performing Arts                      

Music, dance and drama form part of the curriculum and are incorporated in the weekly timetabling of lessons with a designated Performing Arts teacher. Our extra-curricular program includes Keyboard Club, Years 1 & 2 Dance and participation in the Junior School choir. Our experienced and passionate specialist tutors inspire our K–2 students to explore and enjoy the performing arts well into their Senior years at the school.


Physical development is of great importance to a child’s growth. Our K–2 students participate in a weekly outdoor education program that promotes an active lifestyle and helps develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Some of the K–2 sporting highlights include the yearly K–2 Sport and Cross Country carnivals, swimming lessons and gymnastics.